Based in London and the South East and run by Graham Hughes, a collection of professional jazz bands for all your needs: Happy jazz for a party, wedding reception, celebration, New Orleans parade band for a march or a funeral, continental sounding jazz for sophisticated and uplifting music in the background or to dance to, dixieland, 20's, traditional and swing jazz for a bit of a boogie, cool jazz to dine to, jazz for a sunny (or rainy!) day on the river...

The musicians I work with all love playing music together and entertaining people, be it in the background or on a stage to an audience. The fun we have is infectious, helping to create a positive atmosphere for any occasion.
Brass Volcanoes: Funky, brassy modern New Orleans style band, full of fun.  Can play covers of popular songs.
Sunshine Kings: Traditional, dixieland, 20's and swing jazz at it's best.  Strolling groups, music for dancing, they bring a bit of sunshine even to chilly days!
Champagne Swing: Sophisticated continental "gypsy jazz" sound, made famous by Django Reinhardt. Violin and guitars swinging away to create a great atmosphere.
Sunset Brass Band: A traditional New Orleans style brass band perfect for funerals and parades.
Mello'tones: Chilled background jazz to create a relaxed atmosphere during a reception or dinner.
Lapazoos:House band for Nightjar cocktail bar in London - a bit of swing, a bit of blues, a bit of New Orleans
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Brass Band

For dancing, dinners, parties, parades, ceremonies, weddings, conferences, receptions, riverboats...

Arts project, April...

You were fab to work with and fab in the show! Thank you.

Wedding, April...

Thank you so much for playing at our wedding - you were fantastic and everyone loved you!

Community centre, March...

You guys were seriously fantastic! Members loved it as did the staff and volunteers!

Awards ceremony, March

The Volcanoes were great and we all really enjoyed their set, they played perfectly for what we needed

Mardi Gras party, February

we came to see you guys in Camden last night and had a brilliant time. ..
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